How to perform a load froma remote backup server

How to perform a load from a remote backup server

A step by step guide:

In this guide there are assumed to be two servers TROPHY_1103 and TRIDENT_1103.

1.                  Create a backup server for TROPHY_1103 called TROPHY_1103_BACK

2.                  Create a backup server for TRIDENT_1103 called TRIDENT_1103_BACK

(For info on creating backup servers refer to reference manuals)

3.                  Log into TROPHY_1103 and execute the following two commands:                          sp_addserver SYB_BACKUP, TROPHY_1103_BACK

sp_addserver TRIDENT_1103_BACK

(If the SYB_BACKUP part doesn’t work do a sp_dropserver SYB_BACKUP     first)

4.                  Log into TRIDENT_1103 and execute the following two commands:

sp_addserver SYB_BACKUP, TRIDENT_1103_BACK

sp_addserver TROPHY_1103_BACK

5.                  Take a look at the interfaces file for TROPHY_1103 and make a note of the entry for TROPHY_1103_BACK.  This info needs to be entered into the Runserver file for TRIDENT_1103 except the line which starts master.  The entry for TRIDENT_1103_BACK in the TRIDENT_1103 Runserver file needs to be entered into the TROPHY_1103 Runserver file again taking out the master line, leaving the query line.

6.                  Next make sure that both servers TROPHY_1103 and TRIDENT_1103 are set up for remote procedure calls by checking that sp_configure “allow remote access” has a run value set to 1, if not issue the following command sp_configure “allow remote access”, 1

7.                  Test that the two servers can communicate by performing the following procedure calls,                                                                                       from TROPHY_1103; TRIDENT_1103_BACK…sp_who

And from TRIDENT_1103; TROPHY_1103_BACK…sp_who

8.         The two servers are now set up to allow remote backups, this can be issued             from either server (in this example I’m  performing it from TROPHY_1103)    with the following command:

Load database from “<give the full pathname to the tape or disk device used         by TRIDENT_1103 ASE>” at TRIDENT_1103_BACK.