Sybase ASE upgrade process

1.       First you need to create a new directory on Unix for the installation, e.g /progs/fps/sybase15, and copy the installation tar file to the unix machine, and uncompress and untar it. If there is no room any other place on the machine just place it into a subdirectory under sybase15.

2.       Make sure that the os has the necessary patches, if not arrange for them to be installed.

3.       You will need to ask the Unix sa to create a new raw device for you,  sybsystemdbdev of about 128MB for the new sybsystemdb database, e.g /dev/vg_fps/rlv_systemdbdev and also check the size of the sybsystemprocs device, it should be at least 160MB in size, if it’s less ask the Unix sa to create a new raw device for you, e.g /dev/vg_fps/rlv_sysprocsdev2

4.       Run setup to install ASE15 into its own separate directory (setup -console ), e.g sybase15, answer no to the question of licenses, we will fix this later on. So specify:

–          Change the installation directory to e.g /progs/fps/sybase15

–          Select Full installation

–          If asked about licenses select Continue installation without a license key

–          Enterprise Edition

–          SR :  Server License

–          The answer yes to continue without license.

–          No to configure email alerts

Check that all the options are correct, especially the install directory, and click 1 to install the files.

–          Answer NO to the remember password feature question.

–          Deselect all the servers from configuration, we are not building the server now.

5.       You should install the latest patch for this version of ASE which can be downloaded from, just remove the original installation files and replace them with the patch files then run the patch. Do the patching after the sybase server is upgraded.

6.       Make sure the existing Sybase server is sourced and is displayed in DSQUERY etc then run the script /progs/fps/sybase15/ASE-15_0/upgrade/preupgrade specify the sa password for the existing server to check that everything is in place for an upgrade. This programme will let you know if you need to increase any parameters etc and also if you need to expand any databases. Answer NO at the end when it asks if you want to proceed with the upgrade, this is just a precheck. You will most probably need to extend sybsystemprocs and sybsystemdb onto the new unix devices created earlier and also extend model to at least 4MB, in fact all user databases must be at least 4MB. If everything is fien then the last two lines should say:

Preupgrade of Adaptive Server to 15.0 is complete.

Upgrade eligibility test succeeded.

7.       You now need to add the following 3 environment variables to the SYBASE.csh file:

OLDSYBASE= current SYBASE variable



8.       Source the new SYBASE.csh and create a resource file in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/init/sample_resource_files from the template where you fill in the values for the old $SYBASE path,  Sybase server name, Login (sa), and the password for current sa login on existing server.

9.       Turn off auditing on the existing sybase server and completely uninstall the sybsecurity database and sybaudit and reboot the Sybase server. Do an sp_configure “auditing”, 1 to make sure the auditing subsystem is switched off, VERY IMPORTANT!!

10.   You then run the upgrade with $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/bin/sqlupgraderes –r $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/init/sample_resource_files/<resource file>